Why Plant/Replant Exists

Plant/Replant exists because of some good news and to spread this good news. It’s written by two ordinary guys that have been changed by some extraordinary good news about Jesus and who now live to follow Jesus. This good news has put a passion in our hearts to help mature and multiply followers of Jesus. We are two very different people with a very similar passion to see churches planted and replanted in our neighborhoods and across the nations.

Plant/Replant also exists because of strong partnership around this good news. The gospel draws together followers of Jesus to do this gospel work together. Jacob is planting a church in New England, in a historic, Northeast, post-Christian context. Ricky is replanting a church on the edge of Texas, at the intersection of three states and two countries, in a heavily religious context. We’re laboring side by side, thousands of miles away, to advance the gospel. We’re uniquely grateful for the gospel partnership in Sovereign Grace Churches which unites us and provides a common theology, mission, and broader church family and want to see more partnership like this flourish.

Who We Are

Jacob Young

k7t_tv2bJacob Young is in the process of planting King’s Cross Church in Manchester, NH. On a recent hiking trip, his oldest son (5) made a mountain cliff into a theater stage; his youngest son (2) tried to walk off said cliff. His wife loves mountains, mountains Gandalf. Jacob enjoys sips and smokes, writes poetry, and loves living in a city that has been called “one of the least Bible-minded cities in America”.

Ricky Alcantar

sr4779QcRicky Alcantar is the lead pastor at Cross of Grace Church in El Paso, TX. He has two exceptionally strong boys (aged 3 and 1) and one exceptionally wonderful wife. He serves Sovereign Grace Churches on the National Church Planting Group and is helping launch the upcoming Neighborhoods & Nations conference. He’s proud to live in what Cormac McCarthy once called “one of the last real cities left in America.”

Who This is For

  • If you’re a disciple seeking to follow Jesus on mission, this blog is for you. Much of what we’ll discuss you can use in your neighborhood this week (at least that’s the goal).
  • If you’re a pastor seeking to lead a church on mission, this blog is for you. Pull a chair and wrestle with how to apply these biblical truths where you are, just as we’re wrestling to apply them where we are.
  • If you’re planting or replanting a church, this blog is for you. We’re not experts, just two local pastors thinking out loud and we’d love for you to join the conversation.
  • If you’re a member, pastor, or leader in a Sovereign Grace church, this blog is for you. We love our family of churches and want to see it strengthened and sharpened, so help us do that well.

What To Expect

  • Expect posts about the nuts and bolts of planting and replanting
  • Expect us to point to what’s feeding our souls in the work of planting and replanting
  • Expect some divergence of opinion — we’re not the same on everything, and sometimes we together disagree with someone else
  • Expect a lot of cheering about the good work going on in Sovereign Grace Churches
  • Expect interviews and other content from other pastors we’re learning from