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New Authors, New Schedule at Plant/Replant

Here’s the headline: We’re relaunching with two new authors and slower but better post schedule.

We’re excited about some future possibilities in this and think it’ll result in stronger content . Basically, we want to make the blog worth your time. If you’ve followed Plant/Replant you’ll noticed that we went strong for two months then took two months off. (Hey, we deserved a vacation ok?? This blogging stuff isn’t as easy as it looks. [Actually, it is.]) This new format should keep that from happening in the future.

Some Background

Plant/Replant exists because of some good news, and to spread this good news. A couple months into starting this new blog we realized two things: 1) we don’t have as much time as we thought we did, and 2) we didn’t want to give up on the idea for Plant/Replant. Jacob is planting a church in Manchester, NH and I’m leading a church in El Paso, TX. We love writing, we love mission and we love Sovereign Grace Churches and we loved having a place where all this intersected. So how could we make this work?

Adding Authors

At the same time we often discussed “Is there anyone else who should be writing with us?” and two guys in particular came up:
  • My friend Rob Tombrella has a huge heart for mission and who, among other things, leads many missional initiatives as a pastor at Grace Church in Frisco, TX. Rob holds an M. Div from Southwestern University, and he’s led a church before coming to Grace Church. He also is chair of the church planting committee and the kind of guy that is up for anything as long as in the end people hear about Jesus.
  • Our friend Nick Swan  is a pastor at Crossway Church in the Charlotte area. There are many notable things about Nick including his current studies at Reformed Theological Seminary, his service on the Theological Committee for Sovereign Grace, his symphony level oboe skills, but we largely invited him to join us because he has the best beard in Sovereign Grace.

We’ve added these two authors to Plant/Replant and reserve the right to add more, especially if they have cool beards.

Here’s what I love about the idea of the four of us writing together: We are all profoundly different and minister in profoundly different places (town, urban, suburban) but we share the same values. We don’t even always agree on how those values should be applied but we hold them, treasure them, and seek to promote them. We all love our family of churches but don’t always agree on the best way forward either and we think our writing together will yield some good interaction and sharpening.

What to Expect

Topics: The driving idea behind Plant/Replant is that Jesus has called his church to join him in the work of making disciples in our neighborhoods and in the nations beyond. Because of our backgrounds Jacob and I will often bring a special emphasis on planting (Jacob) or replanting (me). But we’re grateful Rob & Nick will contribute to this conversation from their perspective in established churches because Jesus calls all churches to this mission whether they’re plants or not. We’re also hoping to write some more about polity and how it serves as a key support that enables mission to happen (really we’re hoping Nick will write about this since he’s significantly smarter than us, or appears so by virtue of his beard). Without strong polity the mission is hampered and undercut before it begins.

Frequency: Our goal is four substantive posts per month with a few extra posts thrown in. Each guy will post a 700-1,000 word article each month.

Interaction: With four of us we’ll also be looking for more opportunities for interaction between us. Maybe we’ll thrown in some things like taking a question in roundtable format or responding to one another’s posts in brief. We’re open to suggestions.

Thanks for reading

We know there are more than enough silly cat videos, Star Wars fan theories, and playoff projections to occupy your time online. Thanks for spending a few minutes with us–we’ll try to make it worth your time. At least, we’ll seek to point you to some good news about Jesus that’s always worth your time.