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Two Books to Stir Your Soul

At times I’ve read a great deal for my devotion times. I’ve read (and continue to read) the Puritans to help me in my devotion times in the past. I’ve read 10+ chapters a day. For whatever reason, I’ve been on a few verses plus a few pages in a good book kick lately. I need accessible, rich food for my soul, and I’ve found two books that have been incredibly helpful.

Delighting in the Trinity

9780830839834In this little book, Michael Reeves works some major wit and heft to lead you into seeing the shear beauty and glory of our Triune God. This isn’t a doctrine for heady Christians, it’s the heart and arteries of the Christian faith. No Trinity, no faith.

Reeves is accessible, fun and profound. In an age where any mention of “God” in public is considered a “win” for people of faith, Reeves reintroduces Christians to the profound joy of the Triune God. The Trinity is not what may sell major books, but it is the heart of the Christian faith, and it is the only sure ground of true, lasting and real joy. Ever. No Trinity, no joy. If that sounds like a big one to buy, then give Reeves a read. He’s simple, clever and clear. I read this for my devotion times over the last couple weeks, and it left me wanting more of the Triune God, and having a clear sense of the mystery of God as Three in One. Highly recommended.

Rejoicing in Christ

9780830840229This is Michael Reeve’s follow up book. I actually read this one first and loved it so much that I went back to read his one on the Trinity. As I said above, I find myself rather weary lately. I imagine this is just the way church planting goes. What I love about Reeves is that while he’s clearly very smart, he’s not out to impress anybody. He uses his gifts to lead us into the heart of the Gospel. In this book, he does just that. He leads us to Jesus, to marvel, wonder, to delight in him.

What I find especially interesting here is that the early church fought (sometimes with actual blows – thank you St. Nick!) to preserve and clarify the doctrines of the Trinity and Christ. Their formulations weren’t power plays or arguments over minutia. Reeves shows us how each point in the doctrine of Christ is crucial for our salvation and the glory of God. With good wit and some fun, he shows us how the early Church’s formulations about Christ were not only Biblical, but essential for life and godliness. This book is deep, accessible and rich. Very edifying while being easy to understand with deep, great truths. It helped me love Jesus Christ more. And for this weary soul, that’s just what I need in morning.

I’d recommend getting both of these – Delighting in the Trinity and Rejoicing in Christ – to not only enrich your understanding of the Christian faith, but lead you to experience the Christian faith. Which is to say, these books help you to experience the glorious Triune God through the Lord Jesus Christ.